Click here to watch the live video stream of this service on Dec 31st from 7:00pm (18:00 GMT)
Some Cross Over Night Testimonies

Multiple Thanksgiving
Duration: 1:37 mins

The Lord built a house for me
Duration: 0:39 mins

God gave me the Excellent spirit
Duration: 0:53 mins

Son's Deliverance from deafness..
Duration: 1:10 mins

Miracle Job & Marriage Success
Duration: 00:38 mins

Deliverance from evil rashes
Duration: 00:41 5mins

Freedom from Miscarriages
Duration: 00:37 mins

Miraculous child birth
Duration: 00:26 mins

Divine end to unfruitfulness
Duration: 00:53 mins

Turned down a baby to get a baby
Duration: 1:02 mins

Deliverance from bedwetting
Duration: 00:42 mins

Word of knowledge baby
Duration: 00:47 mins
Some Special Sessions at the Cross Over Night service

The Cross Over moment
Duration: 05:40 mins

The Circle of Seven
Duration: 09:48 mins

G.O-Mummy G.O Duet
Duration: 8:02 mins

Choir Presentation (So ka le wa)
Duration: 3:04 mins

Guitar Choir performance
Duration: 3:47 mins

Music (Temi ko ni soro se)
Duration: 4:!2 mins

Prayer Sessions (Mummy G.O.)
Duration: 06:31mins

Prayer Sessions (Pastor Gbesan)
Duration: 06:01mins

Prayer Sessions (Pastor Ajila)
Duration: 05:25mins

Prayer Sessions (Pastor Yilu)
Duration: 06:31mins
General Overseer's Prophetic Look At the New Year & Prayers

Like a hydra with many tentacles
Duration: 2:20 mins

Prophetic Significance of the #10
Duration: 1:59 mins

The Year of the Court of Pharaoh
Duration: 2:27 mins

The Prophetic Look #1
Duration: 2:05 mins

The Prophetic Look #2 - #4
Duration: 1:00 mins

The Prophetic Look #15 - #19
Duration: 1:49 mins

10 keys to survive the New Year
Duration: 3:05 mins

Watchword for the Year
Duration: 1:26 mins

Blessings for the Congregation
Duration: 1:38 mins

Purpose of the CrossOver Service
The Cross Over Night service is a unique opportunity for you to spend the closing hours of the present year and the early hours of the new year in the presence of God Almighty.
The Service Night
The Cross Over night is a time of special ministrations and performances, messages, salvation, prayers for yourself and your family, special prayers for for the nation, and blessings by the Man of God, Dr. Daniel Olukoya.

The service has been a source of blessing to many lives with many great testimonies. Please view the testimony video clips on this page to build up your faith and expectancy towards the next edition of the service. Hear from real people like you about how God has blessed through the MFM church.

Important Sessions
The whole cross over night is very crucial but there are some components of the Cross Over Night are highly unmissable. Do not for any reason miss the Cross Over Moment (watch video here), the G.O's Prophetic Look at the New Year (watch video here) and The Circle of Seven (watch video here). Many lives have been changed for the Best because they took these sessions seriously!
2010/2011 service was 3-in-1
The 2010/2011 service was special because it was a 3-in-1 service featuring the regular Cross Over service plus Prosperity Night and the first Power Must Change Hands service of 2010. In essence, people had the opportunity to receive triple-fold blessings and miracles.

The congregation was asked to come to the Prayer City on the 31st and to bring along the following as divinely instructed by the General Overseer:
  • Your Bible
  • A list of 12 things you want the Lord to do for you in 2011
  • An implement of your profession. This was necessary for the Prosperity Night component of the service

Next Edition - December 31 2011
Next Service holds at the MFM Prayer City at 7pm on December 31 2011. We look forward to receiving you at the service. The service will also be broadcast live on this website and on satellite. God bless you as you come in and as we sail into the new year together in Jesus Mighty Name.